The Swiss Army Knife for
WordPress Site Migration & Cloning!

The ultimate tool for WordPress site management in your pocket, ready to handle any task that comes your way. With MigrateGuru, you can seamlessly transfer your site to a new host, replicate your site for development, or backup your site with ease, all in one plugin.

How it works

Install Migrate Guru on the site you want to clone

Install WordPress on the destination site

Choose the destination web host & enter details

Click ‘Migrate’ & Relax!

Top Features

True One-Click Migration

Move 80% faster! Clone 1GB+ large sites in less than 30 minutes. Enter host details & click ‘Migrate’. That’s it!

No Overload On Site

The website transfer or migration process works on our servers, so it doesn’t crash your site.

Built For Large Sites

Move or clone sites as large as 200 GB in a breeze. Large site migrations usually fail because of live-site server import limits.

No Addons Needed

You don’t need add-ons to move multi-sites, or sites with serialised data.

No Storage Space Required

Migrate Guru automatically copies your site to our servers. After the migration is complete, the copy is erased.

Compatible With Every Web Host

Move your site from & to any web host. Supports 5,000+ web hosts around the world.

Fully Automatic, Built-In Search & Replace

Comfortably handle serialised data with accurate Search & Replace.

Timely Email Alerts

Sit back. Relax. Our real-time & email alerts will keep you up to date with the website migrate status.

Hosts Supported

Universal WordPress Migration Solution Supporting 5,000+ Web Hosts


Migrate Guru was a breath of fresh air to use. This was so easy and quick. It’s the first plugin I’ve used that hasn’t needed brain power to get the job done.

“Very quick and does the job!”
I’ve been migrating WP sites for almost 15 years and it has never been so easy. Just paste the key from the destination and off you go.
“Outstanding plugin!”
Does what it says it will do. A straightforward and effortless way to do every migration. Even a Multisite with 5+ domains. Outstanding plugin! Thanks for your great work!

Experience the True
1-Click Migration & Cloning Solution.
100% Free!